August, 8-16: Summer camp “Talantu Dārzs” (“Garden of Talents”)

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What do we believe in?

Every child has a talent, a gift from God since birth. This is true, regardless of their circumstances of birth and their life story. It is important to disclose this talent as soon as possible and to provide every opportunity for its development. This is important because it is this talent, this inner gift that will contribute to the desire to grow as a person, to learn new things and to achieve the best results.

This is particularly important for the children from disadvantaged families or orphanages because they have no other support. So we want to help them. If we create the opportunity for them to discover their talents and internal resources, then we will create opportunities for these individuals to move on throughout their life so that they can prove themselves.

Happy and healthy children – it is an investment in a brighter future for all of us. It is a guarantee for our children and grandchildren to live in a peaceful and friendly environment.


Our Team

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In August of 2016 to organize a summer camp for the children and adolescents of Latvian orphanages. The format of the summer camp “Talantu Dārzs” (“Garden of Talents”) event – to ensure the transformation space in which each participant will receive the light and attention necessary for them, as well as the opportunity to connect themselves with their soul and its tasks (possibility to know themselves), to be aware of their talents and to use them in their own life.

The format of the transformation process (training) format will take place by means of modern and interactive activities through the use of real interrelation and contacting. Less theories – more active training, communication and active operations, so that every child can gain the necessary experience to express his or her uniqueness.

All the participants of the summer camp “Talantu Dārzs” (“Garden of Talents”) will be given a great, inspiring and supportive opportunity to regularly visit and meet the teachers of different activities, coaching trainers, interesting people and potential employers. The most purposeful and gifted chidren will receive a grant and a scholarship to get the special education they need to use their talents.

Now the collection of all the necessary means and resources for organizing the summer camp “Talantu Dārzs” (“Garden of Talents”) is taking place.


With whom?

With professional educators, psychologists and trainers who have experience in work with children in difficulty. As well as with the volunteers with a loving heart, who have the desire to share their talents and the warmth of their heart. Together we will help children to improve self-awareness skills by giving practical tools to enable them to lead happy lifes.

It is important to organise such events as competitions, performances, master classes or trips, but this is not sufficient for those who miss their wings – parental support. Summer gives great opportunities to spend time with children, creating kindness and support in the training fields.

Our goal is to give them more tools for building self-knowledge, detecting their talents and awaking their inner awareness.
We invite all interested parties to participate in the implementation of the summer camps. Professional coaching trainings will be interesting to everyone and they will benefit both children and the project participants.


It is easy to get connected with our team:

1. Leave your suggestions and offers on our Facebook website, or call on the phone 27780768. They can be games, presents, any other offer, potential benefits for children to enjoy them.

2. Help with:

  • catering organization
  • organization of transporting children to and from the camp,
  • the material purchasing and delivering for implementation of training programmes and master classes,
  • distribution of the information on this project

3. Provide financial support for the kid’s camp by transferring money to the organization’s current bank account with the indication “Talantu Dārzs”. The cost per child for one day of the camp is 25 euros. This includes accommodation, meals, games, lessons and creative field organization.



Association „Spārnus Bērniem”, legal address: Jura Alunāna iela 2 k-1, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010

Reg. No. 40008122191

Current bank account No. LV81HABA0551042042821

Phone +37127780768

A / S “Swedbank”, legal address: Balasta dambis 15, Riga, Latvia, LV-1048

Reg. No. 40003074764

Phone +37167444444

Bank code BIC / SWIFT code: HABALV22

The summer camp “Talantu Dārzs” (“Garden of Talents”) event will take place in the recreation centre “Gančauskas”, Līgatne Nature Trails, 15 km from Sigulda.

This nook of nature is located on the bank of the Gauja river, in the territory of the National Nature Park which is away from the city noise and bustle. Simultaneously it is an open and secure sphere of activities, a chance to fill yourself with a wealth of communication or to spend time in silence of your inner space. It will become a part of the healing and transformative process. The estimated number of participants – 30, including the children and adolescents of the Latvian orphanages “Ziemeļi” and “Irši”, at the age of 10 to 15.

During the time spent at the camp, we will get acquainted with different cultures.


Short description of the camp programme:

08/08/16 Arrival and dating. Getting acquainted with the Latvian culture. Love for the motherland, the country and its traditions. We will get acquainted and share our expectations. We will coordinate the talent earth traveller Code.

09/08/16 Getting acquainted with the ancient Indian culture. We will learn survival skills, to be brave, skilful and feel the connection with nature.

10/08/16 Getting acquainted with the Indian culture. We will learn to listen to ourselves, to express our feelings, to build relationships with ourselves and others.

11/08/16 Getting acquainted with the Japanese culture. We will strengthen our will and learn how to distinguish between what is properly ours and what is not. We will learn to accept the experience, leaving the best values and releasing ourselves from what is bad. We will learn to set our goals and achieve them.

12/08/16 Getting acquainted with the Slavic culture. We will talk about the healing power of love, kindness, forgiveness and gratitude. We will learn how to understand and accept the gifts of life. We will learn how to connect ourselves with our Soul and feel its love and care, as well as how to determine the development of our internal system.

13/08/16 Getting acquainted with the Chinese culture. We will learn how to use our talents, to express ourselves, to express our wishes and needs.

14/08/16 Getting acquainted with the Arabic culture. We will learn to recognize the truth in every situation by activating our inner, good magician.

15/08/16 Graduation party in the land of realized talents. We will create our happy life collages, sum up the results, set out the next steps, run the balloons of our wishes and hopes, be happy and celebrate!

16/08/16 Good bye and see you next time!


Thank you for your participation and responsiveness!!!

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